Globally, the demand for animal protein, such as poultry meat and eggs, is increasing. That is why RUBILABS decided to strongly commit to this sector and offers a wide range of solutions and specialised technical support to farmers.
Depending on the location, populations and breeding methods, ruminant farming is very different. RUBILABS range of pharmaceutical products mainly focuses on vaccines, antiparasitic treatments, including trypanocidal drugs that act upon animal trypanosomiasis, the prime cause of cattle lack of productivity in sub-Saharan Africa.
Human best friends have to be protected against major diseases and they also need a healthy diet.
RUBILABS distribute specialized dogs and cats products: vaccines, antiparasitics (tablets), nutritional supplements and insecticidal shampoo.

Our Focus

             Welcome to RUBILABS

RUBILABS was established in Sub-Saharan Africa with the goal of building a 360-degree value chain one-stop-shop solutions to livestock farmers powered by technology, data science, infrastructure and logistics network. Saving farm animals and bringing significant savings to farmers.


Through the support provided by its team members on the field, the company was able to grow and establish its image as a leader in the industry.


RUBILABS is now a leader in Animal Health in Nigeria, and Africa , as it is able to give appropriate solutions to local situations such as:

  • The distribution of medications and an integrated educational program to fight against the main disease affecting livestock in Africa.

  • The distribution of vaccines to prevent diseases such as Newcastle in poultry farming couple with and educational program that fits to the environment and the farming conditions in rural communities.


RUBILABS's commitment to the livestock farming sector is evidenced by its continuous development in Africa.